Below are some organizations we’ve had the pleasure of working with. We’ve worked together to tailor individualized solutions for each member of the EID Visions family.


We partnered with SoPoCo.Works in order to create a space where a variety of businesses and people can come and work together to achieve their goals. We held office hours and seminars to members and non-members of the space who were looking to grow their business or pursue a new idea. In addition, we also provided marketing services to bring in more new businesses and entrepreneurs to the ecosystem.

Office of Residential Life at USM

We partnered with the University of Southern Maine’s Office of Residential Life and worked with their social media committee to spruce up their social media presence since August 2018. We’ve promoted programs put on by the staff and increased engagement with other departments on campus.


Pride Portland!

Pride Portland! is a group that works towards fostering an environment where volunteers can work towards the goal of inclusivity, diversity, and unity in the Portland, Maine community. We worked with them on their marketing efforts, including social media and email management. We also provided graphic design services to create Parade & Festival guide as well as their 2019 theme logo and event posters.

A-WIT Technologies, Inc.

A-WIT Technologies is a premier electronics design and development company that provides customers with a full set of services for their product development needs. We’ve worked with A-WIT to ensure that they have a website that fulfills their needs. We provide monthly marketing, designing of brand materials, and consulting as needed.